Botnets in USA Today

I got a call from Byron Acohido over at the USA Today last weekend,
and we had an interesting talk about botnets. Byron and Jon Swartz ended
up writing an article about botnets which appeared as the cover story
in the Money section of the USA Today on March 17, 2008. Here's a link to the full
story (link). I found the entire article to be a fascinating read
on the nature of botnets. Here are some of the highlights, but
definitely go and read the entire article.
  • On a typical day, 40% of the 800 million computers connected to the Internet are bots engaged in various nefarious activities, such as spamming, stealing sensitive data, and engaging in denial-of-service attacks. Think about it. Approximately 320 million computers are engaged these illicit actiivities!
  • Later on in the article they describe various features of Storm, the state-of-the-art for botnets. Storm introduced various innovations into the bot landscape, such as using P2P style communication to converse with the bots and encrypting the command-and-control (C&C) traffic. Command-and-control is the traffic from the bot-herder to the bots instructing them to perform various nefarious activities. Note that this means that various network-based botnet solutions that simply look for centralized C&C communication will not work. Moreover, encrypted traffic is a major problem for the network-based solutions. See my earlier blog where I argue that we should move to a cooperative solution. This is looking like a very good idea. Storm also has a self-defense mechanism, i.e., anyone trying to probe the botnet is punished with a denial-of-service attack. I found this self-defense mechanism of Storm to be very interesting.
Overall a fascinating article!
I plan to drop by Byron's book signing at the RSA Conference in San
Francisco on April 7th. Byron also has an interesting blog which is related to the
material in the book.


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