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Zero Day Threat by Acohido and Swartz

I read the book Zero Day Threat (ZDT) by Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz. I really liked the book! Zero Day Threat is about the underground cyber-economy. It makes some surprising points grounded in real truths. I liked that the book paints a complete picture, i.e., how malware,
identity theft, and "drop off" gangs collaborate to facilitate
a well oiled cyber-economy. Since my research area is security,
I was very familiar with the different types of malware brought up in Zero Day Threat. However, this book gave me a complete picture of the problem.

I particularly appreciated two features of the book:

Structure: Each chapter is broken into three sections: exploiters,
enablers, and expeditors. Exploiter sections focus on crooks (such
as scam artists and drug addicts) and how they benefit from the
underground economy. The Enablers sections focus on credit card
companies, banks, and credit bureaus, and how their current practices
enable the underground cyber-economy. Expediters
are guys (goo…